INK in every web meeting

Inkerz Pen Smart Application (IPSA) has arrived

Any Pen

Any Paper

Any Smart Phone

Writing Activities in Web Meetings


Document Collaboration


Project Collaboration

IPSA (Inkerz Pen Smart Application) Enables


Instantly turns handwriting and sketching to text


Share saved and video recorded of your notes after the meeting with others


Collaborate on documents in real-time

Inkerz Currently Works With

Canvas, Instructure’s highly popular LMS (Learning Management System), delivers world-class online learning to millions of university, college and school students and teachers. Our API enables Canvas users to write straight into the Canvas LMS with any pen or pencil. Students can brainstorm, write, design and annotate in Canvas by simply writing on a piece of paper. Inkerz enables Canvas users to write math and science formulas and other written or drawing entries that are impractical on a keyboard. Likewise, teachers can annotate online entries with a pen and paper, real-time and asynchronous.

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