About Inkerz

When handwriting meets technology

Why Writing Matters

The physical act of writing and drawing is essential for effective education. Research by major universities concludes that handwriting using pen on paper - versus typing - improves students' and teachers' skills:

    • It improves the level of student’s engagement in classroom
    • It is essential for better learning, students’ creativity, motor dexterity and information retention
    • It creates a personalized learning environment
    • It is crucial for teaching complex subjects such as Maths, Science and Languages

The Idea of Inkerz

The idea of Inkerz is to deny the notion that for online collaboration to be possible, sacrifices of the pros of paper-based collaboration must be made, such as replacing the pen with a mouse that lacks graphical fidelity.

This is why we merged the best of the online collaboration tools  in the form of our Inkerz application with our Inkpen to capture natural handwriting to give our users the ultimate collaboration experience.

Our mission

We aim to positively change the way students and teachers learn, collaborate and share. 
Online education is limited by current technology in what it can teach and access because it is missing handwriting.
Our technology is focused on bridging the education gap between physical and online education to provide the best learning experience and to enable effective education to all pupils regardless of their location.

The future of Inkerz

At Inkerz,
cutting-edge technology and design are at the very core of our product. We have intricately crafted our platform in order to provide the best possible user experience and value.
Our team has plans to explore, expand and develop new ways to improve our platform’s technology so we can continue to provide our users with an interactive and immersive collaboration environment.