Pen is the best suited for thinking process

Education Applications needing digital handwriting

Learning non-Roman alphabet
Music Teaching
Flip Classroom
Engineering - design sketching
Online teaching
Mathematics & Science
Formative assessment and feedback
Neuropsychological testing

For schools, school districts, universities, colleges and tutoring providers

Inkerz can deliver IPSA to enhance your education organization’s online learning experience. Moodle schools, Blackboard universities, Canvas districts, tutoring providers and others can now plug in IPSA to take students and teachers to the next level in eLearning, bridging pen, paper and online. Your teachers and students need no longer be caught between old and new. Contact us to see online engagement increase across your institution.

For education software, LMS and online assessment providers

If you are an LMS or other eLearning related product owner looking to extend user engagement and adoption of your platform, contact us today so we can ensure our API works with your platform. We can work with you as a marketing partner or in a distribution or value-added reseller capacity. Our solution is not limited by country, region or language.

Inkerz education use cases

Here’s how Inkerz makes a world of difference for teachers and students:

1. Connect your ordinary pen with your Learning Management System

  • Students can handwrite assignments on paper straight into the LMS, especially for exam preparation
  • Teachers/tutors conveniently handwrite assignment feedback straight into the LMS
  • Your LMS whiteboard can be activated by teachers, students and tutorial groups using Inkerz for collaboration and brainstorming, each participant simply writing on paper, but all writing featuring instantly in the LMS electronic whiteboard.
  • Mathematics, economics, science, geography, chemistry and other technical students and teachers can quickly and naturally write and annotate formulas, diagrams and notes in ways not possible with a keyboard. For example, all calculus workings can be easily demonstrated or edited, and all sessions are captured.

2. Manual test prep and exams.

  • Most exams are still taken by paper. Inkerz enables students to do exams on paper, yet their handwritten responses are saved online for teacher review.
  • Subsequently, teachers can use red pen and paper to add comments and feedback on student submissions, saving time and improving the quality of feedback.

3. Note Taking and handwriting practice (penmanship)

  • Anyone can make notes on paper and have it captured online. Teacher notes, student notes, late notes, lecture notes, any notes.

4. Online Tutoring

  • In an online tutoring session, math and science workings and formulas are easier to show. Inkerz makes this more convenient and less expensive than using a stylus.


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