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Inkerz is the first cloud platform combining voice, video and handwriting for all educational needs.


Inkerz is the bridge between a notepad and a laptop.
Everything you write on paper appears on your screen in an interactive workplace.
Thanks to its unique technology, Inkerz offers an enhanced collaboration experience by creating a paper-based platform including a digital pen and a smart software app.

Discover The Magic Behind Inkerz

The INKPEN - Real Ink. Real Paper.

Inkerz uses a digital pen that containing real ink, providing a natural writing experience as it doesn’t require the user to change their usual writing habits.

The InkPen pack comes with a receiver that clips to paper - as soon as you start writing your handwriting is captured and displayed on your computer screen.

When you subscribe to Inkerz, you will receive one of our InkPens for free.

Inkerz Web App - Teaching beyond digital limitations

Easy to setup and intuitive to use, our web platform allows users to communicate with each other or just work independently.

Create a Virtual Classroom

Now you can create a classroom anytime and anywhere.

Schedule real-time meetings with up to 10 attendees and grab your Inkpen to write on real paper. Your handwriting will be captured and shown through the interactive whiteboard while communicating and collaborating with voice, video or instant messaging.

  • Interactive Whiteboard: Write and draw on real paper then share your creations with your team
  • Real-time Conferencing: Use our instant voice, video and handwritten messaging to collaborate with students
  • User & Group Management: Add and manage your users and groups
  • Record and Playback Lessons: Store your online session - including writing, voice and video - for later revision
  • Easy Web Sign In: Sign in and start your session, no need for local installations
  • Interactive Classroom Adoption: Monitor your students' handwriting whilst sitting at your desk.

Provide Recorded Lectures and Feedback

Beyond live-teaching tools, Inkerz features sharing and recorded sessions.

Students can receive assessments or tasks and work independently on a private whiteboard. All work will be saved and shared with their teacher for review. Teachers can record instructional recorded video feedback with annotations and files for a richer learning experience.

  • Share and Edit Documents: Annotate any PDF, Word or PowerPoint files on your whiteboard and share it or insert during your online meetings
  • Session Recording: provide instructional recorded video feedback with annotations and files
  • Text Editor: Type text or insert an image inside a meeting or session
  • Drive - 10GB Personal Cloud Storage
  • Page Calibration: Calibration tool that matches your paper to our digital display
  • Toolbar Interface: Change your pen thickness, highlight, zoom and more with our intuitive toolbar


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