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Getting Started & FAQ

Getting Started with Inkerz

  1. Go to the Inkerz Website Inkerz.com.
  2. On the top right side, select “Sign Up”.
  3. You can sign up either by using your Google, Facebook account or by entering an email.

How to set up a real-time session

1. Click on “Share” button to email a session link to other participants.
2. Once the other participants join your session, you will see them on the “Online Users” panel on the right.

3. As the session creator, you are hosting the meeting by default. At any time, only the host can write using pen and paper.

4. As the session creator, by clicking on the “” icon next to the name of each participant, you can allow them to annotate any page using their mouse.

5. To make a participant the host, click on “MAKE HOST” next to their name. Now only they can write using pen and paper. You can always see which page each participant is viewing by the page number next to their name.

How to add a new page to the session

1. Put a new sheet of white paper in front of you phone.2. Click on “Side Panel” button.

3. Click on “Add Page” button.

How to add PDF/Word/Image document to the session

1.Click on “Side Panel” button.

2. Click on “Click on Drag & Drop…” button.
3. On this version, you can only annotate imported documents with the mouse.

Setting up Zoom meeting inside Inkerz Session

1. As the session creator, click on “LAUNCH ZOOM MEETING” button

2. Login to “Zoom” with your “Zoom account”.

      If already a Zoom registered user then your Zoom Username and password. If you are a Guest then register as a Guest.

3. Each participant in the Inkerz session will see the “JOIN ZOOM MEETING” button. By clicking on the button, they will join your Zoom meeting.

4. For the best user experience, minimize your Zoom desktop application and interact directly within the Inkerz webpage.


1. The app is too slow ?

The current delay for pen and paper writing is about 2 seconds for this release. This could vary depending on the internet speed.

2. My writing doesn’t appear on the screen?

  1. Make sure the paper is visible to the camera of your phone. At the very beginning, the top edge of your paper needs to be visible to the camera. Once you start writing, you can move your paper.  
  2. Don’t write less than 0.5 inches from the edge of the paper. 
  3. Paper must be in the portrait position. The landscape position will be available soon!

3. How to position the phone?

Position the phone such that the paper is visible to the phone camera.
For the best user experience, position your mobile phone at about 90 degrees or less by propping using a stand, case, cup, etc.

4. What should be the size or shape of paper?

We currently support US letter size, A4 and A5

5. What should be the color of paper?

We currently support white paper

6. What should be the color of pen?

Any black or blue pen or pencil