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Inkerz and Zoom


Inkerz has the following two components:

     a. An Artificial Intelligence (Al) core technology that is provided as an app on your mobile to capture input from "any pen and any paper”
     b. A virtual collaborative whiteboard web app

Ie To collaborate with Inkerz you need

  1.   Computer
  2. Mobile phone

Inkerz technology turns the camera on any device into an artificial eye that captures any pen/pencil stroke made on almost any surface and transfers it immediately to the connected digital device. Unlike styluses and digital pens, Inkerz requires no expensive proprietary hardware or software. Because Inkerz works with any pen, users enjoy an authentic and natural writing experience. Inkerz Al (deep-learning) approach digitally captures the strokes of any regular pen instantly and sends it to a web app that then allows users to collaborate in real-time on the same 'virtual' piece of paper on the screen. Inkerz provides "INK in every web-meeting".

Getting Started with Inkerz  

  1. Go to the Inkerz Website  Inkerz.com
  2. On the right top side select “Sign Up”
  3. Sign up Page: You can sign up to the Inkerz App either by using your Google, Facebook account or by entering an email.

Collaborate from anywhere using pen and paper!

- Create an account it is Free!
- Inkerz is loved by educators, designers, project managers, etc.

4. Inkerz Web App Start page :

This web page where you start all your web meeting from however before that you need to download the Inkerz mobile app and register it.you can start to have meetings and collaborate.

5. Download Mobile App

Note:   Only available now for iOSAndroid version will be released soon and we will email you as soon as it is ready!

Search” Inkerz IPSA” on AppStore on your mobile. Download and login with the same account that you signed up.

Once you have logged into both the web app and the iPhone app they are now permanently synched. So next time you use the web app you will not need to log into both mobile and Inkerz Webapp’s unless of course you logout from them.

Now you are ready to use Inkerz with your pen and paper!

Starting a new session and using Inkerz

  1. Position your mobile phone (propped using a stand, case, cup, etc) in front of your paper, approximately 7 inches away. And then on your web app click the “+” icon to start a new session.
  2. You are set! Click “Start” on your phone and enjoy!

You can now write on your paper with a normal pen and it will be accurately and proportionally reflected in the whiteboard.You can now collaborate and share your sketches, ideas, brainstorming etc to your meeting attendees.

Using Zoom with Inkerz

Setting up Zoom 

1. Log into Zoom: Once inside the meeting, and you are the meeting owner, you can invite other attendees to the meeting that will use Zoom for the Web meeting functionality.You need to press the “Zoom” icon as shown below2. Log into Zoom in the normal waya. If already a Zoom registered user then your Zoom User name and passwordb. If you are a Guest then register as a Guest.3. Then invite guests by selecting the share meeting buttonThis will give you the option to eithera. Email attendees the URL link that includes zoom and Inkerz credentials orb. Copy and paste the URL to send to attendees

4. The attendees join and can start to collaborate on Inkerz App