Using Inkerz


If you can't find what you're looking for, email: support@inkerz.com

What Can I Use Inkerz For?

Our platform is powerful for those who want to have online video meetings with their peers, where sharing and writing on documents is needed. Inkerz was originally designed for tutors and students. Inkerz product offers a platform where participants can share their handwriting with real ink on real paper, and a teacher can connect with an entire class virtually while they all work on the same page, all visible on their computer screen in real time.

Set Up Your InkPen

To set up your InkPen just open the User Manual, and follow the instructions. There should also be a User Manual booklet in your InkPen package that you receive. Or just follow these steps:

  • Take out your InkPen, Two-Headed USB Cable, USB Retractor and an Ink Refill.
  • Take off the cap of your InkPen.
  • Take 1 x Ink Refill and insert it into the tip of your InkPen
  • Take your Two-Headed USB Cable, connect the Mini USB head to the InkPen and the other end to your laptop or computer. This will charge your InkPen.
  • Leave your InkPen to charge for 2 hours and you will be able to use it for many hours.

To use your InkPen with the Receiver:

  • Attach the Micro USB head of your USB Retractor or Two-Headed USB Cable to your Receiver and then connect the other end to your laptop.
  • Clip your receiver on the top centre of your A4 page.
  • There should be a green connection icon on your whiteboard toolbar if you are successfully connected.

Calibrate Your InkPen

To set up your InkPen just open the Calibration Manual, and follow the instructions. OR to calibrate your pen, make sure your InkPen is connected. This connection icon InkPen Connection Icon in your whiteboard toolbar should be green if your InkPen is connected to Inkerz. Then follow these steps:

Setting up the calibration:

  • Sign in to your Inkerz application.
  • Go to your My Drive tab > All My Files section.
  • Upload the PDF file that you want to annotate on.
  • Once completed, click the dropdown arrow next to the open button and a dropdown will appear.
  • Click on Calibrate. A file will save to your computer, with modifications for pen calibration.
  • Print out this file. Following the instructions on the printed calibration page, place your receiver in the correct position on the top centre of the printed page.

Calibrating your pen:

  • Go to Homepage or your whiteboard, then click on the Start Calibration button InkPen Calibration Button in the toolbar
  • An instructions page will appear, informing you to follow 3 simple steps.
  • Once done, a success message will appear on the screen for your confirmation. You can repeat these steps as many times as you like.

If you need more help calibrating your pen, send a message to support@inkerz.com

Create Group Connections

You can have meetings with up to 9 people. To create a group to schedule meetings with, just follow the instructions below:

  • Sign in to your Inkerz application.
  • Go to your Meetings > My Group Connections tab.
  • Click on the Create a Group button. A section will appear, with fields to fill in.
  • Add a Group Name and search for your connections Email Address, that you want to add to this group, and then click Add.
  • Once you’ve added all the people you want in this group, click the Save button.
  • Now every time you want to schedule a meeting with this group, just click the Schedule Meeting button on this group.

Schedule Meetings With Your Connections

Make sure you already have people on your Connection list. Otherwise start adding them to your connection list by following Step 5 above.

  • Sign in to your Inkerz application.
  • Click on Meetings tab on the left navigation bar.
  • Then click on the Schedule A Meeting section.
  • Fill in the details of your meeting, by entering the Start Date and Time of your meeting.
  • Type or Select the Invitee’s Email Address. (if you have a Free or Basic subscription)
  • Type or Select the Group Name. (If you have a Pro or Enterprise subscription)
  • Then click the Schedule button.

A meeting invite will be sent to them, if they have already been registered.

Start A Meeting

  • Navigate to your Meetings tab > All My Meetings section.
  • Find the meeting name within the list of meetings, that you want to Start, and then click the Start Meeting button
  • To save a recording of your meeting, you must first END your meeting. The recording will be saved to your Recorded Meetings section under your Drive.

Your Personal Drive In Inkerz

You can upload any type of file to your Drive. However, only PDF, Word and PowerPoint files can be inserted onto Inkerz whiteboard to annotatte on.

  • Sign in to your Inkerz application.
  • Go to My Drive > All My Files tab.
  • Click on the Upload button. Browse to the file that you want to upload and select it.
  • Your file will upload automatically once selected. Note: you can upload a maximum of 20 Megabytes per file.

Share Files With Your Connections

You can share any type of file you upload to your Drive, with your Inkerz connections. You can share by sending them a copy of your files.

  • Sign in to your Inkerz application.
  • Go to My Drive > All My Files tab.
  • Upload a file to your drive.
  • Click on the Share button, on the file you want to share.
  • The share window will open, then select the people you want to share with, and click Share.
  • With Inkerz native INK files, you can share them as Editable, which then allows everyone to edit the same file.

Your Account Settings

The important things you can do under your account Settings:

  • Set your application timezone under Profile tab.
  • Stop your connections from sharing files with you.
  • Change your password
  • Send us feedback or ask Inkerz Support a question.